Happy St. Valentine’s Day

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in search of peace

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My quest for peace begins and ends with the Lord. Here, in Adoration, the hum of the fan melts away, and the friendly chirping of birds just outside the window becomes more and more distant until the only sound I hear is the swoosh of my heartbeat in my ears. I’m wide awake but my breathing is deep and regular, the way it’s supposed to be.

I seem to hold my breath a lot. The busier I get, the more noise confounds me — not just ambient sounds of the news on tv or sirens in the distance, but a kind of internal noise that distracts and constricts me.

The antidote is literally in front of me now. An hour spent with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament silences the noise. I enjoy just sitting with Jesus with no agenda, no plan, no pressing need for conversation — just presence.

It’s a gift I cherish.

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Snapbooks: The X-Files Earth Children Are Weird

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I love The X-Files, and this children’s book is a fun foray into kid-sized Mulder and Scully adventures.

The illustrations by Kim Smith are adorable. Little Fox and Dana are cute, but the aliens steal the show as far as I’m concerned. I love Little Green Men!

I’d recommend this for adult fans to read to the littles in their lives. Kids will like the surprise ending, but this longtime X-Files fan loves it for its kitschy appeal.

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silence at sunset

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Silence is the order of the day when fishing. This scene makes me happy in ways that begin and end with gratitude.

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weekly photo challenge: weathered

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This week’s challenge, to take a photo of something weathered, thrilled me. If nothing else, I love pictures of old things. The uglier and more used up it is, the more I see its beauty in years of use, or possibly, abuse. I love this selection because of the juxtaposition of the once useful cast iron now rusted and the wildflowers growing around it. It looks like a fallen tombstone in an empty field — the name worn off and left as an anonymous reminder of our mortality.

Or maybe it’s just a pretty picture.

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