thoughts on this feast of St. Rose of Lima

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A rare shot of the pelicans, undisturbed by Otis.

A rare shot of the pelicans, undisturbed by Otis.

I alluded to the fact of not quite explaining our move to the Gulf coast recently, yet I’ve posted picture after picture of some of the amazing views of our new life in Mobile. There’s a story, of course, and it kind of begins with my book, My Badass Book of Saints, which features St. Rose of Lima in one of the chapters, and ends with building a dream cottage on the water.

Or maybe, that’s where the story begins.

We’ve settled into a life of retirement, and although I always promised myself that when I retired I would sleep until noon, it’s impossible to sleep past 6:00 AM around here. First of all, the sun finds my eyes at just about 5:55 AM. It wakes me enough to clamp a pillow over my face, but I’m lucid enough to hear the Angelus bells ring at the little church nearby, so I’m out of luck. Or in luck. Or actually, blessed to be called to prayer. Ain’t no going back to sleep after that.

It’s a tough life. I highly recommend it.

The church is named St. Rose of Lima, and were it not for St. Rose, I’d still be teaching college, and we’d still be telling Otis to quit chasing squirrels. It happens that while on a weekend getaway to the area, we were looking for a church and picked St. Rose because, well, I’d just finished writing about her. My husband was looking for a church and when he saw the name he thought he’d surprise me.

Boy, did he surprise me. It turns out, there was a for sale sign in the area, and before we knew it, we were moving into this house he built in a year. There’s more, but I’m kind of holding onto that for a while.

In the meantime, I’m writing books instead of teaching college. And Otis? Well he gave up squirrels. Now he’s chasing pelicans.

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patience and the pier

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setting posts

I haven’t really acknowledged our move to the Gulf coast here yet,  although I’ve certainly regaled everyone in social media with picture after picture. What can I say — we have our own little corner of paradise here on earth. I could post a sunrise picture every morning and never repeat the beautiful palate of colors and light and everything. Worry not, I get that I’m behaving like the first-time parent with the gazillion pictures.

With that said, let me show you some more pictures. And a video.

Bahaha. Whatever. You clicked to come here 🙂

Our lovely little cottage went up in no time, but we’ve had to wait .. and wait… and wait some more, increasingly impatient, for the fishing pier to be built. the guys finally got it going this week, and I’ve never seen anything like it. That’s the video. So, enjoy. I think it’s pretty cool.


And pretty.

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rain and more rain

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I am unapologetically watching the rain make huge puddles outside my office window while being mesmerized by the drumming sound against the aluminum storm shutters.

How’s your Friday working out for you?

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morning has broken

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This is one of my favorite views in the morning. A cup of coffee, my honey next to me, the dog at our feet — it’s a heavenly way to start the day.

Everything is promise at that hour. It’s a new day. Plans are made, or not made. There hasn’t been any disappointment or failure — just anticipation. It’s quiet and calm, and just right.

It’s an hour marked by gratitude and prayer.

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the blessing of a good day

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There’s something
in the early evening —
a feeling at twilight
when the day hasn’t quite ended
but the night hasn’t come, either.

It’s like you have one more shot
at getting it right,
but you realize,
hey, I did it all right.

Or mostly right.
Or right enough
to merit this peace.

This beauty.

This quiet wonder.

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