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I’m still reading ahead of what I’m posting, but I’m excited to say that I am going strong in my personal challenge to read 25 books for pleasure this year. It’s a huge number for me because I do a lot of reading for work.

brewThe Catholic Drinkie’s Guide to Home-Brewed Evangelization by Sarah Vabulas could fit into several categories, but I’m going with history because frankly it’s the historical snippets and trivia in the book that tickled me. I’m not likely to be a brewer, but I do drink an occasional beer. I’ve enjoyed reading about the history of brewing, and over all, the history of alcohol as it relates to the Catholic faith.

But it’s more than a history book. Vabulas weaves personal stories of evangelization through stories on the lives of saints and holy people, breweries, information on varieties of alcoholic beverages, and a collection of recipes that both instructs and entertains. She’s like the neighborhood bartender — mixes a great drink for you, serves it beautifully, and then leans on the bar with a smile and an open heart to engage, really engage, in conversations about faith, inspiration, and the Gospel. 

Vabs’ casual style and quick wit comes through right out of the gate:

Thomas Merton wrote in the Contemplation in a World of Action, “I drink beer whenever I can lay my hands on any. I love beer, and, by that very fact, the world.” I’m not sure if he loved the world before or after a beer or just because beer exists, but he’s on the right track.


You’ll want to read this book, and then impress your friends with your amazing knowledge next time you’re out for beers. Or wine. Or you know what, just having good friendly conversation over any beverage.


  1. Interesting topic and congrats – keep at it. I am on my third book for the summer – a history of Lincoln. I teach 8th grade history and am always reading a book, usually a YA (young adult) book. A few years ago I came across a couple of books you might interesting, both are on a similar topic – The History of the World in 6 glasses by Tom Standage and another Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky both are thick on story and fact. Take care and a have wonderful week.

    • Thanks for that! I’m intrigued by the titles!

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