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I have this book, y’all!

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Super Girls

It’s true! I have this book that comes out in just a few days, on the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary! I’m so excited to share Super Girls and Halos: My Companions on the Quest for Truth, Justice, and Heroic Virtue with you.

Fun for me!

It was a fun book to write, something that I’d always wanted to do — examine the lives of some of the heroines of popular culture that I had come to admire, and even emulate at times in my life. My growing faith helped me see some other things in these exciting characters, what Bishop Robert Barron calls the “seeds of the gospel.” These heroic women have human virtues that are good, but the more I thought about it, the more I saw how the lives of saints were also exciting and interesting, and certainly worth emulating.

I bring it all together in this book that explores fictional heroines, real saints, the cardinal virtues, and Our Lady of Guadalupe!

I had a lot of fun doing the research for the book, which was pretty much getting to binge-watch my favorite movies and then talk about them, and then repeat the process with some saints that I think you will love to know more about. Isn’t that a fan’s dream?

Fun for you!

I had so much fun, I want to share it with you. To celebrate the launch of Super Girls and Halos on September 8th, I’m giving away a Wonder Woman plush doll since the very first chapter is about Wonder Woman!

I’m also joining the Nerdy Catholic Tees guys with some truth on a silk screen about the Blessed Mother being the Original Wonder Woman!

Post a picture of yourself anywhere on social media holding a copy of Super Girls and Halos with #SuperGirlsandHalos and you’ll be entered to win the Wonder Woman plush doll. Add #ShowYourNerdySide and you’ll be entered to win The Original Wonder Woman t-shirt courtesy of Check out the Nerdy Guys at for a chance to win a signed copy of my book!

What’s Coming Up?

Follow me on social media. I’ll be posting links to interviews and reviews about Super Girls and Halos, and I’ll be posting and sharing your pictures, too!*

Enjoy the book! Enjoy the fun! And spread the word!

*Contest ends September 21, 2017. Winners will be announced on September 22, 2017.



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superheroes and saints

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I thought I’d share some of the Super Girls and Halos that have filled up my new bulletin board in my new office. It was fun getting to know them!

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Who is Hawaii’s Queen Kapiolani?

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Queen Kapiolani

A. A. Montano – Hawaii state archives. Call Number: PPWD-15-7.024

One of the best things about having written My Badass Book of Saints is the number of people who have contacted me with stories of courage in their families and recommendations of amazing women. We are surrounded by so many courageous people living extraordinary lives!  Reading about Saints new to me and following links to fascinating historical figures delights me.

I recently received an invitation to follow a travel log by Colette Higgins, a long-time listener of Catholic Weekend. Although the show is over, we’ve kept in touch. Colette is a history professor at the University of Hawaii and has embarked on a 59-day pilgrimage to follow in the footsteps of Queen Kapiolani’s journey to attend Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee Celebration in 1887. Her travel log not only includes the places where Queen Kapiolani went, but also includes churches along the way where Colette and her husband are attending Mass.

Check it out here.

About Queen Kapiolani

Queen Kapiolani has fascinated me. Her great aunt, Chiefess Kapiolani, converted to Christianity in the early part of the 19th century and courageously stood her ground against the challenge of a high priestess. Chefess Kapiolani’s courage in the face of a cultural challenge opened many to conversion. Queen Kapiolani followed in that family tradition of courage in the face of tribulation. She suffered a great deal of personal pain in fractured relationships over the death of a child in her charge, the Crown Prince, especially because she had suffered from several miscarriages and had no living children of her own. Her story speaks to a quiet long-suffering and noble life. I hope you enjoy Colette’s entries as much as I do.

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Super Sale all Week at Ave Maria Press [updated!]

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Please note my tiny little book is nestled in there between some other awesome titles! At these prices, get them all!

I’ll update each day’s code here.

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a conversation about saints and stuff

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I had the pleasure of chatting with Jared Dees from Ave Maria Press today. I got to share a little bit about myself and my family, and talk about some of my favorite Saints and courageous women featured in My Badass Book of Saints.

It was great fun — especially getting to talk with Jared face-to-face. I’m having so much fun with this project — I just wanted to tell some stories. I did, but more than that, I’m getting to meet some wonderful people. I’m blessed!

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happy halloween!

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Amidst threats of giving un-costumed teens treats of root vegetables for Halloween, I took the badass saints quiz a couple of dozen times so I could get Nancy Wake and dress up, too.

I figured that if I cheated to get this:

Nancy Wake


So I could pretend to be this:



Then I’d replace this (seriously, who thought it’s a great idea? we’d get egged!):



With a real treat — regardless of the kids’ sizes.


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