thoughts on a thursday

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I’m grateful for my family — near and far, and far away.


Otis, our dog, snores. It’s kind of endearing.


The moon is beautiful tonight.


I’m going through edits on my manuscript and it’s both tedious and enlightening.


Some days were made for lazy.

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Happy Festivus, Friends!

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This made-up holiday, Festivus, made its way into my heart at the height of my hysteria to get everything right at Christmas. Such pressure.

Such foolishness.

The only thing I need to get right about Christmas is the miracle of Christ’s birth. Everything else is gravy, or tinsel. Or both.

Festivus, in its own weird way, reminds me to chill out — Christmas is almost here, and it’s not about the tree, or the gifts, or the madness.

Well. A little madness. Family madness, feats of strength, good food. And expressions of gratitude mixed in with the airing of grievances.


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patience and the pier

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setting posts

I haven’t really acknowledged our move to the Gulf coast here yet,  although I’ve certainly regaled everyone in social media with picture after picture. What can I say — we have our own little corner of paradise here on earth. I could post a sunrise picture every morning and never repeat the beautiful palate of colors and light and everything. Worry not, I get that I’m behaving like the first-time parent with the gazillion pictures.

With that said, let me show you some more pictures. And a video.

Bahaha. Whatever. You clicked to come here 🙂

Our lovely little cottage went up in no time, but we’ve had to wait .. and wait… and wait some more, increasingly impatient, for the fishing pier to be built. the guys finally got it going this week, and I’ve never seen anything like it. That’s the video. So, enjoy. I think it’s pretty cool.


And pretty.

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with friends like this…

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from Fr. Kyle's snapchat

from Fr. Kyle’s snapchat

I went to the Braves game with these two, Sarah and Fr. Kyle, which means a little bit of baseball, and a lot of talking and cutting up. The game was incidental, in spite of the friendly rivalry between the Braves fans, Sarah and me — and Fr Kyle in his Cincinnati Reds get-up. I tweeted Braves vs. Cubs for about 4 innings. He didn’t notice. I didn’t notice.

It was definitely a social evening spiced up by the occasional exciting play. I guess baseball goes that way. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Double! Nothing. Home run! Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Double play! Nothing.

And then the ride home.

I was sprawled in the back seat, listening to their chatter up front when I recognized the vanity plate on the car next to us. “Roll down the window!”

Sarah refused, thinking I was engaging with a stranger. Just two days ago I shocked her by asking the guy in front of us in the ice cream line if I could take his picture. It was true, he was a doppleganger for a mutual friend of ours, but mostly, I was doing it because she was mortified. I get it — she was done with my shenanigans.

This guy driving the car is a former colleague. Really. I convinced her to roll down the window in time for me to call his name.

He turned around, processed who I was, and shouted back happily, “My mom read your book!”

Full disclosure: as an author, it’s both gratifying and humbling when people read your book. Some people like it and tell you. Some don’t like it, and aren’t shy about telling you. LOL. That second one. It keeps me humble.

But there’s nothing like friends to keep you humble. The evening started with a crack about my mom pants. And it ended with a crack about writing books for moms. True on both counts. I love my friends, y’all. I really do.


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stop and smell the coffee

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This delicious coffee break merited some cream.

This delicious coffee break merited some cream.

fireIf you follow me on twitter, you probably saw my sad lament that my very fancy coffee maker caught fire. It was tragic, but luckily I caught it before it turned into a real problem. Let me rephrase that, it is neither tragic, nor a real problem, but it is inconvenient. I’m in the middle of moving. There will be no shopping spree in search of anything fancier than Mr. Coffee. Or not. Ain’t nobody got time for this.

I’m no stranger to long periods of fasting from coffee. There’s lent, but I stopped giving up coffee for lent when the people with whom I share a home decided they would give me up for lent were I to try that again.

pressBut…there was that dark period in our marriage a few years ago when we both gave up coffee in a passive aggressive battle of wills that involved not being the one to go buy a new coffee maker. I turned to green tea. He turned to Mt. Dew.  Life was simple then. Can you imagine a 30+ year marriage where this is the only memorable fight? Ha. Me neither, but that’s all water under the bridge.

Today I say life is too short to give up coffee. I also say who wants to brave the mall? A friend with the same aversion to shopping calls the mall a four-letter word. She’s right. But my current circumstances demand caffeine.

I figured I’d be fine making cuban coffee with my time-weathered espresso pot. But no! I pulled out the French press. Aaaah! Life is indeed, good, and so worth taking the time for a little indulgence here and there.

I posted a list of great coffee quotes some years ago, but this remains my favorite:

Just around the corner,
There’s a rainbow in the sky.
So let’s have another cup o’ coffee,
And let’s have another piece o’ pie.
– Irving Berlin, 1932


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apparently “trump’s hair” is a photo filter

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I was playing around with the filters in the Dreamscope App. I think this one, Starry Nights, is pretty:


Then I took this week’s photo challenge and ran it through the Ink on Parchment filter:

trumpAnd then I discovered a filter named Trump’s Hair.

I had to do it.

I mean, seriously. Wouldn’t you?

Wouldn’t you?


Here it is. Not bad, huh?


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