just a super chill Sunday…

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just chillin’ in the shade

…with a super chill gator looking for some shade.

I was up at dawn with my cup of coffee and journal, and spied a piece of driftwood that wasn’t exactly acting like driftwood, so I did the intelligent thing and walked out to investigate. It was the friendly neighborhood gator chilling out in the shade of the dock. He was out for some time just swimming around and doing his thing, so I took a few pictures. I think if you click on the pictures that show his body you can see the ridges on his back. What a cool place to live with such a variety of critters!

Sometimes he’d go out, and then come back in for the shade of the dock. I don’t think he’ll bother trying to come up the riprap, and of course, we left him alone, but it was exciting!

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today’s horror story

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kingMy life is ruined.

Ok, too much drama and hyperbole there. My afternoon of gardening is ruined.

Ok, maybe not ruined. But side-tracked. I was walking along the retaining wall ¬†showing Hector, our heavy-lifting-guy some things, and I’m poking around in the weeds trying to find the little lost hydrangea when suddenly he grabs me in a dramatic I’m-about-to-save-your-life-lady-so-don’t-get-hysterical-and-think-I’m-groping-you way.

My hand was a mere inch away from this three and a half foot snake.

That sneaky snake-in-the-grass. I wanted to hack it to death, after I stopped screaming.

Hector calmed me down and pointed out it’s a good snake to have around the house (impossible) and then, fairly sure I wasn’t going to faint, proceeded to chase the snake for more pictures so he could send them to his wife and make her scream.

Because we all know men have a 12-year-old version of themselves ready to play if the opportunity presents itself.


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getting ready for some coloring

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what does it all mean?

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oh my. this is wrong. and hilarious.

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Day 2 of the little dusting that wanted to be a blizzard

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Well, here we are, living in the new Ice Age, Atlanta-style. That means we have plenty of milk and bread. I wasn’t in town when the preparations were made, so I’m kind of afraid to check on the status of the toilet paper. Not too worried, though, cuz you know, this too shall pass.

BAHAHAHA. Sorry. I’m getting slap happy. Or stir crazy. Or whatever you people in really cold places call it. I might be calling it murder if things don’t loosen up soon.

Anyway, I digress. I intended to post about the beautiful snow and some darling little pictures of our dog romping around in the back yard and the scarlet hues of the cardinals as they eat from our feeder. You know, the quaint stuff that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

And then the damn dog peed in my foyer, evidently because she is displeased with exposing her delicate butt to the formerly fluffy snow now glazed with about an inch of hard, cold ice. She fell. I almost fell. In the end, I was pissed (heh, heh-heh) but I understood. I had a rather shocking wake up this morning when I went for my morning…ablutions.

Yesterday, the snow was fresh, the excitement was contagious, and I didn’t have to work. I used my morning for housekeeping and cooking, and then played all afternoon.

Today I haven’t changed out of my pajamas. I’m not even wearing a bathrobe. I didn’t brush my hair, instead, putting it up in a top knot. I look a little bit like a Sumo Wrestler so I will consider my husband’s feelings and go get dressed.

I sat through the View.

I think this is how people get depressed.

Rumor has it more of the same tomorrow. It seems that the city is unable to recover, not from the snow, but the ice that has sandwiched it. If so, I think I’ll get up and wear a suit around the house.

It may be the only thing inspiring me to avoid Jerry Springer.

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