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path to the swamp

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A Path in the Woods

Yesterday, I shared some pictures from our Scotland vacation, but today I’m going to give you a tour of the wildlife sanctuary on Dauphin Island. I was just going for a drive to the east beach, and decided, instead, to pop into the bird sanctuary.

I walked about three miles, which is good for me, and enjoyed the quiet atmosphere. The beach was foggy — but the forest was not. Well, not exactly. It did cast a monochromatic feel to the area, but you’ll see that I was able to capture a little color with the woodpecker.

Some Birds and Their Pals

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daring to follow the path

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This week’s photo challenge, path, takes me down an unusual path — crossing the man-made causeway at the Brough of Birsay in the Orkney Islands. It was an exercise in patience, as we had to get a list of the tides and schedule our visit around low tide. It was worth the wait. We couldn’t get enough of the history of places such as this…I feel like traveling through Scotland the way we did, staying in places for several days at a time, gave us a taste of the present day, and a yearning to learn more of the past.

We often think of our lives as filled with paths — choices taking us down unique adventures looking toward the future. This vacation was both, as John and I made new memories for ourselves as we went down paths to the past that shaped the future. That’s a lot of time travel there. 🙂

Here’s some more from our visit:

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Anticipation, a weekly photo challenge

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anticipating that first little flame

After a long period of anticipation, John and I enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Scotland. One of our favorite places was an active archeological site called The Scottish Crannog Centre. We both became enamored with archeology and pre-historic cultures early in our marriage. Long separations during military duty meant a lot of reading and sharing of books back and forth. One of those, a series that starts with Clan of the Cave Bear, introduced us to early cultures and our fascination grew. The crannog was one of many archeological sites we visited, all of them in exquisitely beautiful locations. Well. Just about any location in Scotland is exquisitely beautiful. Seriously.

The site is gorgeous.

Above, our guide filled us with anticipation as we watched him work to start a fire. That first little plume of smoke was exciting, as he gently blew and coaxed the little ember to life. Here are a few more photos of the adventure:

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A couple of months ago I was playing around with the settings on my camera, taking many photos of the full moon and playing with filters. I was moonstruck. I took several without filters for comparison purposes, and at the end of the experiment, disliked almost every shot and put up the equipment without giving it a second thought.

My life is a chaos when it comes to pictures. I have thousands upon thousands that are not archived well, even with all the years of discipline with the 35 mm to limit myself to 12 or 24 pictures. The switch to digital dispensed with the discipline, and now instead of a couple of dozen shots to purge, it’s in the hundreds. Needless to say, I never get around to purging.

Now my computer yells at me every time I boot it. I guess I’m out of room. This is me, not caring. I like my chaos.

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WPC: Shine! Sunny Sunshiny Day!

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tomb of eagles moundWe just got back from a lovely trip to Scotland, and while I have hundreds of pictures that might fit this week’s challenge, shine, I picked this one because of the lens flare.

When folks heard we were headed to the Orkney Islands and then Skye, we got some sympathetic looks, like, gee, hope the weather holds out. Boy, did it! We had such beautiful sunshine through the trip north that I just started to embrace the lens flares rather than try to work around it.

This picture is from one of my favorite days when we hiked up to see the Tomb of the Eagles. It was a glorious day best expressed with the warmth of the sun. I don’t think it ruined the picture at all. It certainly made the day.

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Mirror mirror in the puddle

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Spent the morning in Pensacola to visit with a dear friend I haven’t seen in years. It was a delight to have lunch with her young family, and seen how the kids are growing! Precious!

Here’s a little game of mirror mirror in the puddles outside the restaurant.

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