Doritos are of the devil

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It occurs to me that eating Doritos is like my pathetic and woeful concupiscence. I don’t even mean that in a funny way, though it is a rather over-the-top analogy.

I stared at an open Dorito bag for about 5 minutes, circling back to where it was as I was putting away things in the kitchen. It kept calling to me. I don’t even like Doritos all that much. The salt, I suppose, is the draw.

The problem is, once I opened that bag, I couldn’t eat just one. And before I knew it, I had gobbled up a quarter of the bag. I didn’t feel at all satisfied, and¬†it left a bad taste in my mouth. For all the wiping on a napkin, my fingers still carry the faint stain of processed cheese and fake ingredients.

Just like sin. Its ugly allure, my powerlessness to resist, and the mess. It leaves a mess.

I’m so grateful for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and the availability of it time after time.


  1. At least it seems that for you, only the Doritos are the devil. In my world it’s Doritos, rice, pasta, chocolate in any form, any mix of salty/sweet food, bread, sugar, …and the list goes on. Some people say grace before a meal. I recite the Rosary to keep me from overindulging!

    • Hahaha. Chocolate. Pasta. Rice…bread. It is a struggle.

  2. Devilritos – like all sin, hard to stop after just one taste.

    Now if only we had that tacky orange skin feeling when we sin as a discouragement. Better than the picture of Dorian Gray which you could hide away.

    • ew. a good deterrent.

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