just a super chill Sunday…

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just chillin’ in the shade

…with a super chill gator looking for some shade.

I was up at dawn with my cup of coffee and journal, and spied a piece of driftwood that wasn’t exactly acting like driftwood, so I did the intelligent thing and walked out to investigate. It was the friendly neighborhood gator chilling out in the shade of the dock. He was out for some time just swimming around and doing his thing, so I took a few pictures. I think if you click on the pictures that show his body you can see the ridges on his back. What a cool place to live with such a variety of critters!

Sometimes he’d go out, and then come back in for the shade of the dock. I don’t think he’ll bother trying to come up the riprap, and of course, we left him alone, but it was exciting!

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