in with the new in 2018

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It’s a new year, and while I’ve given up on expressing resolutions these past years, it’s kind of a no-brainer that I re-examine my habits as they pertain to my health. We’ll see if it’s just bloggy lip service, but the truth is, I’m not particularly interested in being a Klingon.

That means I need to pursue some healthy LIVING, right? I’m in.

While I’m thinking about getting all healthy even though I’m in a bathrobe and lying in a recliner (I’m recovering from some surgery), I’ve had some time to examine other areas that need improvement, too. I need to foster a creative environment for myself, and I need to work on my spiritual growth as well.

It’s a tall order. Or maybe not. Maybe, I just need to do it.

Happy 2018. I hope our year is filled with health, hope, and faith.


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out with the old at the end of 2017

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Out with the old reached new heights for me when twenty minutes into The Last Jedi I got up and left the movie to cruise around the lobby to “walk off some indigestion.” I blamed The Last French Fry, never mind that prior to that mouthful of fries I ingested a whole Big Mac in about three bites.


Oh don’t judge me. You know Big Macs are smaller than ever. But I digress.

Back to the indigestion. It was getting worse, but I went back to my seat. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a position that brought me any comfort. It was opening night for the new Star Wars and I was creating a disturbance in the Force because I couldn’t sit still. I took one for the team and told John I’d wait in the car.

I thought maybe stretching out in the seat would help. He thought maybe I’d lost my mind if I thought he’d leave me writhing in pain in the car while he watched a movie. I think I managed a whimper of assent when he googled the closest emergency room.

Look y’all. I’ve had babies with nothing more than some crushed ice and a few we’ll-placed expletives. I’ve ruined my ankles by spraining them in the first half of a basketball game and starting the second half with a makeshift cast of surgical tape. I just had TWO root canals and giggled my way through it with little more than nitrous oxide and a shot or two.

I thought I was dying, and maybe I was. My gallbladder was trying to explode. When the surgeon finished and came out to talk to my husband, he mentioned gangrene.

Sooo…I’m saying goodbye to 2017 with a smile. A grateful smile, and not just because I’m recovering nicely.

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2017 was filled with some great fun and many blessings! We became regulars at church bingo. Yes, it’s true. I reconnected with a childhood friend in the early part of the year. We enjoyed many, many sunrises from our porch. Dear friends took us out in their boat and changed our perspective a bit. I had the pleasure of returning to Cuba a second time, this time to lead a professional retreat for lay ministers. We celebrated John’s 60th birthday with family and friends, and my second book with Ave Maria Press was published in the fall! Have you read it? Get Super Girls and Halos: My Companions on the Quest for Truth, Justice, and Heroic Virtue!

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podcast fun talking Super Girls and Halos

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So grateful for my friend Lisa Hendey and this fun interview as she launches her podcast, Lisa Hendey and Friends. We had a delightful time — a charming way to share about My book, Super Girls and Halos! I hope you enjoy and follow Lisa’s new adventure!

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early morning serenity

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I love watching the fisherman do their work in the serene silence of a foggy morning. They dropped their nets and drifted for a little while, long enough for a pod of pelicans to draw near. There’s a huge brown pelican nesting area near us, so when I spy the occasional small squadron of white pelicans I bring out the camera in hopes of getting a picture or two. Unfortunately, today was very foggy, and although the water was calm, and conditions were lovely (minus the fog), the lighting was not great. Still, I got a few good shots — all unfiltered and short of a little cropping, untouched. I hope the white pelicans hang around for a while!

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talking Saints and Heroes across blogs

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We’re talking SuperGirl Saints

I’m beyond thrilled to share with you the response to the question being by writers and readers participating in a blog tour for Super Girls and Halos: My Companions on the Quest for Truth, Justice, and Heroic Virtue.

Who is the SuperGirl Saint in your life? And what virtue has she helped you with?

My Saint SuperGirl is St Clare.  In the book, I feature her in the section on Justice — discussing the importance of giving God his due: our worship and praise. Like St Clare, I want to offer my praise and worship unconditionally and with great trust.

I’d love to know your answer to that question! Join us as we explore the virtues in those heroes we look up to in the movies (are you going to see Justice League and The Last Jedi?).

And don’t forget to click on these links to read what others are saying. You might like to take to social media and share #SuperGirlsandHalos.




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Nov. 10  Blog Tour Stop #3 – Chasing Time and Drinking Wine
Nov. 11 (Happy Veteran’s Day) Blog Tour Stop #4 – Catholic Door
Nov. 12 Blog Tour Stop #5 – Julia Harrell
Nov. 13 Blog Tour Stop #6 – The Pearl of Great Price
Nov. 14 Blog Tour Stop #7 – Training Happy Hearts
Nov. 15 Blog Tour Stop #8 – Strengthen My Heart
Nov. 16th Blog Tour Stop #9 – The Lemke Lodge
Nov. 17 Blog Tour Stop #10 – Life in Every Limb
Nov. 18t Blog Tour Stop #11 – Hail Marry
Nov. 19 Blog Tour Stop #12 – Not So Formulaic
Nov. 20 Blog Tour Stop #13 – Green Catholic Burrow
Nov. 21 Blog Tour Stop #14 – Beautiful Camouflage
Nov. 22 Blog Tour Stop #15 – Sew Many Wild Things

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