friendly feathered friend

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I can’t, for the life of me, figure out what kind of bird this is, but it’s huge, and not quite as graceful as its parents. I don’t think Otis is in any danger, but I do think of that funny scene in The Proposal when the eagle makes off with the small dog.

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Super Girls and Halos is Available!

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I’m so excited to let you all know that my second book with Ave Maria Press, Super Girls and Halos: My Companions on the Quest for Truth, Justice, and Heroic Virtue, is available for pre-order! Get yours early!

Now that the commercial is over, I want to gush over the fun of revealing the cover to you, plus, this is really a fun book that I started writing over 30 years ago, so it’s very cool for me to see it come to fruition.

My love for science fiction, comics, and fantasy stories started when I was a little kid, and by the time I was in college and majoring in literature, I was secretly writing what we know today as fan-fiction.

I got over the fan-fiction part when I started writing my own stories, but I still felt drawn to the fictional heroines I loved as a child and young adult. Recent reboots of Star Trek, new episodes of Star Wars, and film adaptations of books such as Hunger Games, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to find Them from Harry Potter grabbed my attention again as an adultAdd to that the Marvel and DC Comics universes brought to the big screen, especially the Wonder Woman film coming this summer, and I turn 12 all over again.

I’m a bit more discerning about my heroes and heroines today, but noticed that these strong female characters resonate with me because they exhibit human virtue. I wondered what would happen in real life if I adopted some of these traits. Could I live a heroic life?

What if I cooperated with God’s plan for me? Could I live a holy life? A life of heroic virtue?

I started to read about the saints, and noticed that there were many similarities. And significant differences. The saints operated with God’s grace. It made all the difference in their lives, and the lives of the people they touched.

If you like the strong women being portrayed on the big screen today, I invite you order a copy of Super Girls and Halos and read about those fun characters, and a little bit about some extraordinary real women who took heroism to holy heights.



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Peep Wars

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Nothing says Easter afternoon after Mass and lunch, like a good Peep War.

Mostly because I enjoy blowing them up in the microwave.

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in search of silence this holy week

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Silence was on my mind, so I took my morning coffee outside on the porch. I was contemplating  Holy Week and how I was going to manage the need to disconnect and prepare, with a pressing need to connect across international lines and prepare for a trip that is both complex and exciting.

I’m trying to embrace the silence recommended by Pope Francis, especially since I feel a bit scattered and restless. The man-made noises inside the house, typically a sign of security, now affect me negatively. Sitting outside in the sunshine exposes me to a different noise; it’s natural and has a rhythm that is soothing instead of annoying. I can hear the difference between the waves that crash against the rocks and the waves that softly land on shore.

The wind, too, rustles differently in the trees than in the rose bushes behind me. Every once in a while a dried leaf dances across the paving stones and scrapes up a new sound.

I hear at least a handful of birds — I wish I could recognize them by their song, but it will have to be enough that I know they are different, and that perhaps at some point in the past few days they’ve stopped in our yard for a little snack at our feeders.

I came outside to get away from the ambient sounds in the house. The tv is on in the office; the A/C hums throughout the house. I think I hear the electricity cycling through the appliance. It’s noisier outside, but it’s a living sound, harmonious and soothing.

Every once in a while a squadron of pelicans fly overhead, silently casting their shadows across the yard. I instinctively look up, but the sun is so bright it blinds me. It takes a long moment for my eyes to adjust to the page again. The best way for me to enjoy the light is to look away to the horizon. The breeze ripples across the water, creating a sparkling light show, shimmering as far as I can see.

The bay, once called the Bay of the Holy Spirit, is full of God’s holy presence today. I get why it was named so. It’s breezy, teeming with bubbly activity that is both powerful and calming. To sit here in silence is to pray.


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seeking the sun

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My husband recently observed that I’ve taken to gardening after decades of killing every houseplant in sight, mostly because they were out of sight, and thus, out of mind. I quipped that I didn’t need to keep three children alive and could focus on the plants now.

I admit this is a most relaxing and enjoyable way to spend a morning. And the bonus is that I get pretty flowers and luscious fruit.

I’m not necessarily doing it for the health benefits. I mean, I don’t really do much exercise — but lugging around bags of potting soil might have some benefits, no?

I’m really taken by how the flowers seek the sun. I knew this, but to see it in practice is pretty cool. I’ve even managed to resuscitate an orchid. It is slowly wrapping it’s stem around the stake. Fun!


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