resilient: the last is first

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abandoned boat

The last photo challenge of 2016, resilient, happens to be my first photo challenge of 2017.

It seems fitting. Resilience is probably defined somewhere as being able to recover from something, to come back from a low through strength or will, or both. It makes me think of Weebles; remember those? “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!”

I love old things that have been exposed to nature and the elements, and still stick around. I have dozens of pictures of chimneys that stand alone in the wake of fires, dilapidated barns, beat up cars. And more than a few boats, like this one.

I wondered what happened here. Did the owners survive a storm at sea, the boat finally making it to shore no longer seaworthy, but left as a trophy for doing its job well one last time?

Was it abandoned by its owners, drawn to a shiny new motorboat made of fiberglass? Did they move, unable to bring it along and left behind?

Who knows!  There’s something beautiful about it anyway. Maybe it’s the mystery.


  1. Lovely post! Great photo for this week’s challenge.

    • Thanks! Everything was a great photo opportunity in Scotland!

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