Who is Hawaii’s Queen Kapiolani?

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Queen Kapiolani

A. A. Montano – Hawaii state archives. Call Number: PPWD-15-7.024

One of the best things about having written My Badass Book of Saints is the number of people who have contacted me with stories of courage in their families and recommendations of amazing women. We are surrounded by so many courageous people living extraordinary lives!  Reading about Saints new to me and following links to fascinating historical figures delights me.

I recently received an invitation to follow a travel log by Colette Higgins, a long-time listener of Catholic Weekend. Although the show is over, we’ve kept in touch. Colette is a history professor at the University of Hawaii and has embarked on a 59-day pilgrimage to follow in the footsteps of Queen Kapiolani’s journey to attend Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee Celebration in 1887. Her travel log not only includes the places where Queen Kapiolani went, but also includes churches along the way where Colette and her husband are attending Mass.

Check it out here.

About Queen Kapiolani

Queen Kapiolani has fascinated me. Her great aunt, Chiefess Kapiolani, converted to Christianity in the early part of the 19th century and courageously stood her ground against the challenge of a high priestess. Chefess Kapiolani’s courage in the face of a cultural challenge opened many to conversion. Queen Kapiolani followed in that family tradition of courage in the face of tribulation. She suffered a great deal of personal pain in fractured relationships over the death of a child in her charge, the Crown Prince, especially because she had suffered from several miscarriages and had no living children of her own. Her story speaks to a quiet long-suffering and noble life. I hope you enjoy Colette’s entries as much as I do.

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