Photo of the week: Growth

Posted by on Jan 4, 2018 in Weekly Photo Challenge | 2 comments


This week’s photo challenge is a little food for thought: growth. These lemons grew in our yard. We planted a Meyer lemon tree last year, and delighted in the blooms and little green baby lemons in spring and summer. Today, I picked the last of the lemons on the little tree. They are delightful – sweet and tart-but-not-too-tart. They are perfect to squeeze on homemade beignets (try it!) and grilled fish. Yum!

Meyer lemons are filled with goodness! Isn’t that something to strive for? Goodness? It’s the perfect time of year to ponder how we are working on our growth in all aspects of our person, especially our quest for the good. I haven’t really set out any resolutions this year, but I am on a continuing path to grow in faith.


  1. Meyer lemons yum. I look forward to this new year to taste the sweet and not-too-tart that life has to offer! Thanks Maria!

    • Thanks Robert! That’s a tremendous goal, yes? Happy new year!

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